Fantastic Four Back Issue Collectors Comics

We are in the process of getting our back issue collectors comics scanned and written up.
More Fantastic Four issues available than listed.

You can click on the blue scan links to see the comics and then hit the back button to return to the list.

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FANTASTIC FOUR Comics - Marvel Comics
Scan Code Title Issue # Title - Featuring Condition Price Per Comic
MAR 0122 Fantastic Four 66 What Lurks Behind The Beehive?

MAR 0123 Fantastic Four 82 (The Mark of the Madman)

Heavy creasing and a fold along the spine,dents along the top of cover, creases along right side of cover, pressure marks on front cover. $20.00 Cdn
MAR 0124 Fantastic Four 94 The Return of the Frightful Four!

Featuring: Frightful Four
MAR 0125 Fantastic Four 112 Hulk vs. Thing … 'Nuff Said!

Featuring: Hulk
Heavy creases along spine, chipping and a stain along bottom cover,fold and dents along right side cover, pressure marks on front cover, small chip-out bottom back cover $ 50.00 Cdn
MAR 0126 Fantastic Four 114 Who Can Stop the Over-Mind?

Featuring: Over-Mind
Slight creases along the spine, slight water stain top left corner, slight folding top, right side of cover. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0127 Fantastic Four 116 The Alien … the Ally … and Armageddon! / (Now Falls the Final Hour!)

Featuring: Doctor Doom
MAR 0128 Fantastic Four 119 Three Stand Together … Or Die!

Slight chipping on spine, slight cover roll right side and bottom of cover small dent bottom right corner. $ 30.00 Cdn
MAR 0129 Fantastic Four 175 The High Evolutionary vs. Galactus

Featuring: Galactus, High Evolutionary
Slight crease and cover roll right side of cover. $ 8.00 Cdn
MAR 0130 Fantastic Four 200 Mister Fantastic … Fight to the Finish Against … Doctor Doom

Featuring: Doctor Doom, Zorba
(double size) SOLD

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