Daredevil Back Issue Collectors Comics

We are in the process of getting our back issue collectors comics scanned and written up.
More Daredevil issues available than listed.

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DAREDEVIL Comics - Marvel Comics
Scan Code Title Issue # Title - Featuring Condition Price Per Comic
MAR 0142 Daredevil 7 In Mortal Combat With … Sub-Mariner

Featuring: Daredevil, Lady Dorma, Sub-Mariner
Heavy creases and chipping along spine, dents along the bottom of cover, chipping on right side of cover, pressure marks through-out. $ 480.00 Cdn
MAR 0144 Daredevil 10 Part 1 The Organization

Featuring: The Organizer
Heavy creases along the spine, dents and chipping along the bottom of cover, slight chipping along the top of cover, pressure marks all through-out $ 133.00 Cdn
MAR 0143 Daredevil 11 A Time to Unmask

Featuring: Bird-Man, The Organizer
Creases along the spine. Small fold bottom right corner, small water stain back cover. $104.00 Cdn
MAR 0110 Daredevil 13 The Secret of Ka-Zar's Origin!

Featuring: Ka-Zar
Heavy creases along spine, rubbing top and bottom left corners on cover, creases and chipping along right side of cover, red ink stain top right of cover $ 30.00 Cdn
MAR 0111 Daredevil 14 If This Be Justice!

Featuring: Ka-Zar, Plunderer
MAR 0145 Daredevil 15 And Men Shall Call Him … Ox!

Featuring: The Ox, Dr. Karl Stragg
Slight creases along spine, chipping bottom left corner, few pressure marks on cover $ 104.00 Cdn
MAR 0112 Daredevil 17 None Are So Blind!

Featuring: Masked Marauder, Spider-Man
Heavy creases along spine, fold and water stain bottom left of cover, chipping and slight folds top, bottom right side of cover, pressure marks on cover $ 50.00 Cdn
MAR 0146 Daredevil 18 There Shall Come a Gladiator

Featuring: The Gladiator
Creases along the spine, wear spot bottom right corner, slight chipping along the top of cover. $ 94.00 Cdn
MAR 0147 Daredevil 19 Alone … Against the World

Featuring: The Gladiator, Masked Marauder
Cover has water damage, heavy creases on spine, chipping top and bottom spine, dents and pressure marks all over,rubbing mid edge right side cover $ 32.00 Cdn
MAR 0148 Daredevil 20 The Verdict is Death

Featuring: The Owl
Slight watered top left on cover, slight creases on spine, writing on cover,dents along bottom, $ 65.00 Cdn
MAR 0113 Daredevil 50 If In Battle I Fail!

Featuring: Biggie Benson, Starr Saxon ??
Slight spine roll, small dent bottom right corner of cover, pressure mark mid cover. $ 50.00 Cdn
MAR 0114 Daredevil 51 (Matt Murdock walking a tight rope over the street)

Water stain top left corner of cover, chipping along top of cover, slight creases along left side of cover, $ 35.00 Cdn
MAR 0115 Daredevil 52 The Night of the Panther!

Featuring: Panther
Date stamp on cover, slight creases along spine, small dent top right corner of cover. $ 50.00 Cdn
MAR 0118 Daredevil 105 (Menace From the Moon's of Saturn!) ??

Featuring: Black Widow, Broderick, Kraven, Moondragon, Terrex
Small dent top right corner, crease along spine and bottom right corner cover. $ 17.50 Cdn
MAR 0116 Daredevil 161 (To Dare the Devil) (roller coaster)

Featuring: Black Widow, Bullseye
MAR 0117 Daredevil 163 Beware the Hulk!

Featuring: Hulk

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