The Amazing Spiderman Back Issue Collectors Comics

We are in the process of getting our back issue collectors comics scanned and written up.
More Amazing Spiderman issues available than listed.

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The AMAZING SPIDERMAN Comics - Marvel Comics
Scan Code Title Issue # Title - Featuring Condition Price Per Comic
MAR 0009 Amazing Spider-Man, The 14 The Green Goblin!

Featuring: Enforcers, 1st appearance Green Goblin, Hulk x-over
  $2500.00 Cdn
MAR 0001 Amazing Spider-Man, The 18 The End of Spider-Man

Featuring: 1st Appearance Ned Leeds, later becomes Hobgoblin, 3rd appearance Sandman
Complete, yellowed, date stamped, small crease, corner chipped $ 300.00 Cdn
MAR 0002 Amazing Spider-Man, The 34 The Thrill of the Hunt!

Featuring: 4th appearance Kraven the Hunter
Yellowed, small chips on cover, top corner chipped small spin creases $ 250.00 Cdn
MAR 0003 Amazing Spider-Man, The 35 The Molten Man Regrets..!

Featuring: Molten Man
Creases on cover, creases on spine and bottom corners $ 200.00 Cdn
MAR 0004 Amazing Spider-Man, The 45 Spidey Smashes Out!

Featuring: 3rd appearance Lizard
Heavy creases on spine, yellowed, creases on cover and along cover edge, first page missing a piece $ 37.50 Cdn
MAR 0005 Amazing Spider-Man, The 50 Spider-Man No More!

Featuring: 1st Appearance Kingpin
Pages loose, cover loose, complete, tape on inside page, chipping on spine, crease bottom left of cover $ 52.00 Cdn
MAR 0006 Amazing Spider-Man, The 55 Doc Ock Wins!

Featuring: Doctor Octopus
Medium creases on spine, creases on front and back covers, slight yellowing $ 100.00 Cdn
MAR 0007 Amazing Spider-Man, The 57 The Power of Ka-Zar

Featuring: Ka-Zar
Slight creases on spine, heavy creases bottom corners, slight creasing on the cover. $ 80.00 Cdn
MAR 0008 Amazing Spider-Man, The 58 To Kill A Spider-Man!

Featuring: J. Jonah Jameson, Ka-Zar appearance
Small creases on cover, slight yellowing in inside pages. $ 120.00 Cdn
MAR 0010 Amazing Spider-Man, The 60 O, Bitter Victory!

Featuring: Kingpin
Heavy creasing on spine, date stamped, small hole at bottom of cover, slight tear on side front cover, creases $ 41.00 Cdn
MAR 0011 Amazing Spider-Man, The 63 Wings in the Night!

Featuring: Vulture
Small creases on spine, slight tear on side of cover, small creases top and bottom of cover. $ 70.00 Cdn
MAR 0012 Amazing Spider-Man, The 64 The Vulture's Prey!

Featuring: Vulture
Creases on cover, small dent top left cover and bottom left corner. $ 80.00 Cdn
MAR 0013 Amazing Spider-Man, The 65 Escape Impossible!

Bottom corner dented, spine rolled, slight creases on cover $ 68.00 Cdn
MAR 0014 Amazing Spider-Man, The 67 To Squash a Spider!

Featuring: Mysterio
Heavy creases on spine, slight tear right side of cover, heavy creasing bottom left, slight crease top right. $ 36.00 Cdn
MAR 0015 Amazing Spider-Man, The 68 Crisis on Campus!

Slight creasing on spine, heavy crease bottom right corner, slight water mark inside $ 85.00 Cdn
MAR 0016 Amazing Spider-Man, The 73 The Web Closes!

Featuring: Man-Mountain Marko
Interior stained, creases on spine and cover date stamped, slight chipping $ 51.00 Cdn
MAR 0017 Amazing Spider-Man, The 80 On the Trail of...The Chameleon!

Featuring: Chameleon
Creases on spine, bottom corners creased, small dents on left side and top, small creases on cover. $ 40.00 Cdn
MAR 0018 Amazing Spider-Man, The 83 The Coming of … The Schemer!

Featuring: Schemer
Creases on spine, chipping right side bottom cover, small creases on cover $ 35.00 Cdn
MAR 0019 Amazing Spider-Man, The 84 The Kingpin Strikes Back!

Featuring: Kingpin
Slight crease on spine, skuffing bottom left corner, slight crease top right on cover $ 63.00 Cdn
MAR 0020 Amazing Spider-Man, The 85 Revealed at Last … The Schemer's Secret!

Featuring: Kingpin, Schemer
Creases on spine, chipping along bottom of cover, dents and creases top and right side of cover. $ 42.00 Cdn
MAR 0021 Amazing Spider-Man, The 88 The Arms of Doctor Octopus!

Featuring: Doctor Octopus
Creases along spine, dent at top right corner of cover, heavy crease bottom left corner of cover. $ 28.00 Cdn
MAR 0022 Amazing Spider-Man, The 89 Doc Ock Lives!

Featuring: Doctor Octopus
Spine rolled, creases on spine, heavy creases on bottom left corner, cover off center overall. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0023 Amazing Spider-Man, The 91 To Smash The Spider!

Featuring: Bullit
Slight creases on spine, cover stained, small creases top, left side, and bottom of cover. $ 40.00 Cdn
MAR 0024 Amazing Spider-Man, The 93 The Lady and the Prowler!

Featuring: Prowler
Slight creases on spine, small creases bottom right corner and middle of front cover. $ 65.00 Cdn
MAR 0025 Amazing Spider-Man, The 94 On Wings of Death! / Spidey's Origin Re-Told!

Featuring: Beetle
Slight crease middle of spine, slight crease top, side, and bottom of cover. $ 79.00 Cdn
MAR 0026 Amazing Spider-Man, The 95 Spidey Fights in London! - The Hostage Must Die!

Creases on spine, creases and pressure marks on cover, chipping top and bottom of cover, creases on right side of cover. $ 55.00 Cdn
MAR 0027 Amazing Spider-Man, The 96 A Job For Peter Parker! / The Last Fatal Trip! / Mary Jane Knocks 'Em Dead! / The Green Goblin Returns!

Featuring: Green Goblin, Mary Jane
Scuffing along bottom and left top cover, creases along spine, few pressure marks along right side cover. $ 150.00 Cdn
MAR 0028 Amazing Spider-Man, The 97 Spidey Fights the Goblin …

Featuring: Green Goblin
Heavy crease bottom right corner, slight spine creases, small tear top left corner, pressure marks middle cover. $ 110.00 Cdn
MAR 0029 Amazing Spider-Man, The 101 A Monster Called … Morbius!

Featuring: Morbius
Pressure marks on cover right side and sharp indents top right, dents bottom left corner, creases on spine and along the top of cover. $ 225.00 Cdn
MAR 0030 Amazing Spider-Man, The 102 Vampire at Large!

Featuring: Lizard, Morbius
Crease top left, heavy creases along spine, scuffing along bottom, heavy crease along right side in the middle of cover $ 125.00 Cdn
MAR 0031 Amazing Spider-Man, The 104 Is This to be The Final Hunt?

Featuring: Kraven the Hunter
Small cover fold right bottom, creases along spine, small pressure marks top right cover, small dent left bottom, pressure marks mid cover. $ 21.00 Cdn
MAR 0032 Amazing Spider-Man, The 105 The Spider Slayer!

Featuring: Spider-Slayer
Heavy fold down middle of comic, pressure marks on cover, small tear bottom left, pressure marks along the spine. $ 40.00 Cdn
MAR 0033 Amazing Spider-Man, The 106 Squash! Goes The Spider!

Pressure marks along the spine, slight chipping along the bottom, pressure marks middle of cover, slight discoloration top of cover and back cover along the spine, $ 50.00 Cdn
MAR 0034 Amazing Spider-Man, The 107 Trapped … By The Tentacles of Death!

Featuring: Spider-Slayer
Back cover water marked, slight pressure marks all four sides, heavy creases along right side cover. $ 45.00 Cdn
MAR 0035 Amazing Spider-Man, The 108 Marked For Murder!

Featuring: Vietnam story
Slight pressure marks along the spine, small indentation bottom left corner $ 60.00 Cdn
MAR 0036 Amazing Spider-Man, The 109 Enter … Dr. Strange!

Featuring: Dr. Strange
Heavy crease along bottom of comic, creases along spine, pressure marks middle of cover, chipping along the bottom. $ 50.00 Cdn
MAR 0037 Amazing Spider-Man, The 110 The Birth of the Gibbon!

Featuring: Gibbon
Heavy folds and tears along spine, corners chipped and folded, crease along middle of comic, pressure marks throughout. $ 17.00 Cdn
MAR 0038 Amazing Spider-Man, The 111 Spidey! The Gibbon! And now … Kraven the Hunter

Featuring: Gibbon, Kraven the Hunter
Small crease bottom right corner, creases along right side, medium to heavy creases along spine, discolor middle of cover $ 40.00 Cdn
MAR 0039 Amazing Spider-Man, The 114 … Hammerhead!

Featuring: Doctor Octopus, Hammerhead
Heavy creases along spine, slight chipping along the bottom, bottom corners dented, crease mid right side front cover $ 40.00 Cdn
MAR 0040 Amazing Spider-Man, The 115 The Last Battle!

Featuring: Doctor Octopus, Aunt May
Creases along spine and bottom of cover, slight pressure marks all over cover. $ 55.00 Cdn
MAR 0041 Amazing Spider-Man, The 116 Suddenly … The Smasher!

Featuring: Smasher
Chipping along right side and bottom right, creases along bottom and spine. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0042 Amazing Spider-Man, The 117 The Deadly Designs of the Disruptor!

Featuring: Disruptor
Cover stained at the top, pressure creases along spine, slight fold top right corner. $ 45.00 Cdn
MAR 0043 Amazing Spider-Man, The 118 The Smasher Stikes! / The Disruptor Destroys! …

Featuring: Disruptor, Smasher
Heavy crease bottom right side and middle of cover, heavy pressure creases along spine, chipping along bottom of comic cover back and front. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0044 Amazing Spider-Man, The 119 Spidey vs. the Hulk!

Featuring: Hulk
Cover fold right side, indent on bottom of cover, chipping along spine, creases along spine, pressure marks right side cover. $ 78.00 Cdn
MAR 0045 Amazing Spider-Man, The 120 The Fight to the Finish with the Ever Incredible Hulk!

Featuring: Hulk
Spine slightly rolled, creasing on cover, heavy crease right side of cover with pressure marks. $ 50.00 Cdn
MAR 0046 Amazing Spider-Man, The 123 Luke Cage, Hero For Hire!

Featuring: Luke Cage
1/2 inch hole back cover (got wet and chipped out) slight creases along spine. $ 28.00 Cdn
MAR 0047 Amazing Spider-Man, The 127 The Dark Wings of Death!

Featuring: Harry Osborne, Mary Jane, Vulture
Creases along spine, slight pressure marks on cover. $ 40.00 Cdn
MAR 0048 Amazing Spider-Man, The 128 The Shadow of the Vulture!

Featuring: Vulture
Slight creases along spine, few slight pressure marks on front cover. $ 60.00 Cdn
MAR 0049 Amazing Spider-Man, The 131 Aunt May … Marrying Doctor Octopus?

Featuring: Doctor Octopus, Aunt May
Chipping bottom left corner, creases along spine, slight pressure marks on cover. $ 25.00 Cdn
MAR 0050 Amazing Spider-Man, The 137 … All of Them … At the Mercy of the Green Goblin

Featuring: Green Goblin, Mary Jane, Aunt May, Flash Thompson
Slight folding on right corner, medium to heavy pressure marks on spine, slight pressure marks on cover, watered section back cover. $ 30.00 Cdn
MAR 0051 Amazing Spider-Man, The 138 Madness Means the Mindworm!

Featuring: Mindworm
Bottom right corner dented, slight pressure marks on cover and along spine. $ 29.00 Cdn
MAR 0052 Amazing Spider-Man, The 142 Mysterio Means Madness!

Featuring: Mysterio
Small chipping along bottom of cover, pressure marks along spine and on cover. $ 42.00 Cdn
MAR 0053 Amazing Spider-Man, The 148 The Shattering Secret of the Jackal!

Featuring: Jackal
Pressure marks along bottom and on cover, heavy creases along spine. $ 38.00 Cdn
MAR 0054 Amazing Spider-Man, The 151 Can You Guess the Shocking Secret Identity of Spidey's Super-Foe?

Slight chipping and a heavy crease along bottom of comic, heavy crease along spine, back cover water spotted. $ 15.00 Cdn
MAR 0055 Amazing Spider-Man, The 155 Who is the Most Incredible Killer of All?

Slight dents along bottom of cover, slight creasing along spine $ 22.00 Cdn
MAR 0056 Amazing Spider-Man, The 160 (Spider-Man sliding down wall, Spider-Mobile on wall)

Creases along right side and bottom of cover, slight pressure marks towards top of cover. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0057 Amazing Spider-Man, The 162 Spidey, Nightcrawler and the Punisher Makes Three!

Featuring: Nightcrawler, Punisher
Small water mark on cover, slight pressure marks along spine, right side of cover and on bottom part of the cover. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0058 Amazing Spider-Man, The 165 Stegron Stalks the City!

Featuring: Stegron
Creases along spine and right side of cover, slight pressure marks in middle of cover. $ 12.50 Cdn
MAR 0059 Amazing Spider-Man, The 168 Some Men Call Me Will O' The Wisp! But You Can Call Me Death!

Featuring: Will O' the Wisp
Slight fold right bottom corner, multiple pressure marks on cover, slight creasing along spine. $ 10.00 Cdn
MAR 0060 Amazing Spider-Man, The 171 Side by Side With Nova

Featuring: Nova, Photon
Slight creases on cover and spine. $ 17.50 Cdn
MAR 0069 Amazing Spider-Man, The 174 The Hitman's Back in Town!

Featuring: Hitman, J. Jonah Jameson, Punisher
Small dent bottom right corner, slight to heavy creases on spine, cover off-center. $ 13.00 Cdn
MAR 0061 Amazing Spider-Man, The 176 (Spider-Man beside Flash Thompson)

Featuring: Flash Thompson,
One inch fold bottom right corner of cover, pressure marks and creases on cover and spine. $ 15.00 Cdn
MAR 0062 Amazing Spider-Man, The 177 … The Green Goblin Has Returned!

Featuring: Green Goblin
Slight to heavy creases on cover and spine. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0063 Amazing Spider-Man, The 179 Theater of Fury!

Featuring: Green Goblin
Slight discoloration back cover and front cover, slight creases along spine and right side of cover. $ 20.00 Cdn
MAR 0064 Amazing Spider-Man, The 181 The Pain and the Power!

Featuring: Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Kingpin, Lizard
Slight creases along spine and on front cover $ 15.00 Cdn
MAR 0065 Amazing Spider-Man, The 182 Rocket Racer's Back in Town!

Featuring: Rocket Racer
Slight crease on spine, small dent bottom right corner of cover. $ 17.50 Cdn
MAR 0066 Amazing Spider-Man, The 183 (Big Wheel shooting at Rocket Racer and Spider-Man)

Featuring: Big Wheel, Rocket Racer
Very slight creases on spine $ 17.50 Cdn
MAR 0067 Amazing Spider-Man, The 184 White Dragon! Red Death!

Featuring: White Dragon
Slight pressure marks on cover, medium to heavy creases on spine. $ 10.00 Cdn
MAR 0068 Amazing Spider-Man, The 184 White Dragon! Red Death!

Featuring: White Dragon
MAR 0102 Amazing Spider-Man, The 185 Peter Parker's Graduation!

MAR 0103 Amazing Spider-Man, The 186 Spidey Cleared by the Police! / Web Head A National Hero! / … Chameleon

Featuring: Chameleon
MAR 0070 Amazing Spider-Man, The 187 … And Lurking in the Shadows - Electro!

Featuring: Captain America, Electro
Slight crease on spine and right side top of cover. $ 17.50 Cdn
MAR 0071 Amazing Spider-Man, The 189 Who Is the Mystery Menace?

Featuring: J. Jonah Jameson,
Slight creases along spine, pressure marks and a heavy crease on right side of cover. $ 17.50 Cdn
MAR 0072 Amazing Spider-Man, The 190 Mayhem is the Man-Wolf!

Featuring: Man-Wolf
Small creases top back cover, creases along spine, slight yellowing inner pages. $ 16.00 Cdn
MAR 0073 Amazing Spider-Man, The 195 This One Has It All!

Featuring: Betty Brant, Black Cat, Aunt May
Slight crease on spine, pressure marks on right side of cover, at the edge. $ 11.00 Cdn
MAR 0074 Amazing Spider-Man, The 196 (Peter Parker standing in front of May Parker's headstone)

Slight pressure mark along right edge of cover. $ 12.00 Cdn
MAR 0075 Amazing Spider-Man, The 204 … But You Forgot She's the Black Cat!

Featuring: Black Cat
Slight creases along spine. $ 11.50 Cdn
MAR 0076 Amazing Spider-Man, The 206 Peter Parker Goes Wild!

Cover off center, slight fold along bottom of cover, pressure marks and creases along spine and cover. $ 12.00 Cdn
MAR 0077 Amazing Spider-Man, The 208 Fusion … The Twin Terror!

Featuring: Fusion
Slight crease near bottom right side of cover, creasing top of the cover. $ 11.00 Cdn
MAR 0078 Amazing Spider-Man, The 209 (Spider-Man fighting Kraven the Hunter)

Featuring: Kraven the Hunter
Slight folding on right side of cover, slight creases along spine $ 19.00 Cdn
MAR 0079 Amazing Spider-Man, The 214 Frightful Four!

Featuring: Frightful Four, Sub-Mariner
Slight crease on the spine and pressure marks middle in the of cover $ 11.00 Cdn
MAR 0080 Amazing Spider-Man, The 216 The Race is On … Will Death Be the Victor?

Featuring: Madame Web
Slight folding along right side of cover edge, pressure mark mid cover. $ 11.00 Cdn
MAR 0081 Amazing Spider-Man, The 219 Peter Parker … Criminal!

Slight crease on spine, slight roll on bottom right cover. $ 13.00 Cdn
MAR 0082 Amazing Spider-Man, The 225 (multiple Spider-Mans swinging around large Foolkiller)

Featuring: Foolkiller
Slight pressure mark top right corner $ 10.50 Cdn
MAR 0083 Amazing Spider-Man, The 228 Murder by Spider!

Slight pressure mark on spine $ 11.00 Cdn
MAR 0084 Amazing Spider-Man, The 244 (Spider-Man ducking multiple pumpkins)

Featuring: Hobgoblin
Slight creases along spine, pressure mark top of cover, slight roll at the bottom right of cover. $ 12.00 Cdn
MAR 0085 Amazing Spider-Man, The 253 … The Rose!

Featuring: Rose
Very slight creases on spine $ 13.00 Cdn
MAR 0086 Amazing Spider-Man, The 259 True Story of Mary Jane Watson / The Hobgoblin Strikes Back

Featuring: Hobgoblin, Mary Jane Watson
Slight creases along spine right edge of cover, pressure marks in the middle of cover. $ 10.00 Cdn
MAR 0087 Amazing Spider-Man, The 262 special issue (Spider-Man - no mask)

Slight pressure marks and creases along the spine. $ 10.00 Cdn
MAR 0088 Amazing Spider-Man, The 265 The Fox is Back … And Spidey's Gotta Save Him

Featuring: Fox
Slight creases along spine $ 13.00 Cdn
MAR 0089 Amazing Spider-Man, The 275 The Return of the Hobgoblin! / The Origin of Spider-Man!

Featuring: Hobgoblin
Slight creases along spine, chipping top right corner, slight scuffing bottom left corner. $ 15.00 Cdn
MAR 0090 Amazing Spider-Man, The 289 The Hobgoblin Revealed!

Featuring: Hobgoblin
Heavy creases and pressure marks along spine, chipping top and bottom left cover, slight cover roll right side of cover $ 15.00 Cdn
MAR 0091 Amazing Spider-Man, The 293 Part 2 - Crawling!

Featuring: Kraven the Hunter
Slight cover roll right side of cover $ 11.00 Cdn
MAR 0092 Amazing Spider-Man, The 294 Part 5 - Thunder

Featuring: Kraven the Hunter
Slight crease on spine, small chip bottom left corner, slight cover roll right side of cover. $ 11.00 Cdn
MAR 0093 Amazing Spider-Man, The 303 On the Waterfront …

Featuring: Sandman, Silver Sable
Pressure marks, creases along spine, cover and right side of comic. $ 14.50 Cdn
MAR 0094 Amazing Spider-Man, The 304 After the Fox!

Featuring: Fox
Slight cover roll on right side of cover. $ 17.00 Cdn
MAR 0095 Amazing Spider-Man, The 305 California Schemin!

Slight crease on the spine $ 17.50 Cdn
MAR 0096 Amazing Spider-Man, The 312 The Green Goblin vs the Hobgoblin

Featuring: Green Goblin, Hobgoblin
Medium to heavy creases along the spine, sharp fold back cover, pressure marks on front cover. $ 15.00 Cdn
MAR 0097 Amazing Spider-Man, The 313 On Campus Lurks the Lizard!

Featuring: Lizard
Couple slight creases on spine $ 12.00 Cdn
MAR 0098 Amazing Spider-Man, The 315 Hydro Man Home at Last! / Return of Venom!

Featuring: Hydro Man, Venom
Medium creases on spine and right side of cover, slight cover roll right side of cover. $ 13.50 Cdn
MAR 0099 Amazing Spider-Man, The 344 Is He Hero or Villain?

Featuring: Cardiac, Rhino
Small creases on the spine $ 12.00 Cdn
MAR 0100 Amazing Spider-Man, The 345 Venom Lives!

Featuring: Boomerang, Venom
No noticable problems $ 14.00 Cdn
MAR 0104 Amazing Spider-Man, The KS Annual 10 The Human Fly!

Featuring: Human Fly, J. Jonah Jameson
Slight crease on spine, small pressure mark mid cover, slight dent right side of cover $ 17.00 Cdn
MAR 0101 Amazing Spider-Man, The KS Annual 15 Spiderman vs. the Punisher

Featuring: Punisher
Slight pressure marks spine and right side cover. $ 17.00 Cdn

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